Sabalan – The Largest Agate Mine In The World

Sabalan - The Largest Agate Mine In The World

Sabalan agate mine is one of the largest gemstone mines in the world that has the greatest variety of designs and colors. The large and unbelievable dimensions of this stone, the average of over 5 tons, and the largest agate in the world with a tonnage of 50 tons of mass rocks of this mine.

Color Variety Of Sabalan Agate Mine

Sabalan agate has the highest color spectrum among other types of agate stones. Elements such as copper, iron, and chromium have caused the colors and effects of red and yellow in the beautiful and unique stones of Sabalan agate. Most of the rainbow spectrum is present in these stones and is dominated by warm colors of red, orange, and yellow, which is known to jewelry experts as miniature autumn agate.

Sabalan agate has unlimited color variety without any restrictions, so that in some parts of this stone, purple, blue, and icy white colors can also be seen.

Autumn Agate

Most of the warm tonnage colors such as red, orange, and yellow predominate in this type of agate, so that these colors appear as completely natural streaks in the form of autumn leaves and trees; That is why it is called autumn agate.

Sabalan Agate In Jewelry

Agate gemstone has been widely used in the jewelry industry for many years. Sabalan agate is also used in a variety of jewelry due to the variety of colors, designs, and dimensions, including pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and.

Sabalan Agate Products

The use of Sabalan agate is not limited to jewelry; This precious gem in a variety of products, including table clock, stone wall art, massage tool, mortar, stone agate bowl, washbasins, and baths which, you can see in the gallery below:

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