Work method of CNC stone machine and production of stone facade cornice

work method of cnc machine producing stone cornice

In the video below, you can see how the 4-head CNC machine works. In this cornice production method, a piece of stone block of the desired material (travertinemarble and…) is placed on the machine plate with a maximum of 4 pieces and C.N.C drills based on the computer design presented in three axis – horizontal – vertical and depth (x,y,z) – start Simultaneously engrave in parallel and produce the stone cornice according to the plan in the given dimensions.

How this machine works

This machine engraves the given designs on the stone with great precision and has no restrictions on executing all kinds of detailed designs. Simultaneously with drill cuttings, you will see the flow of water next to each drill, which will cool the drill and control its temperature.

Publish on: event August 20, 2020
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