Abadeh Waveless Marble

color_lens Color Palette
square_foot Size

40*40, 40*unlimit

check_box_outline_blank Surface Finish


height Thickness

20 millimeters

done_outline Usage

flooring, wall cladding

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$5 per 1 square meters

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Abadeh Waveless Marble is one of the three types of Abadeh marbles that has features such as beautiful color and designs and reasonable prices. These types of stones usually have a cream and pink background in which pink-cream and cotton-flower color waves can be seen.

Some Features Of Abadeh Waveless Marble

  • The use of this product in facades ,exterior walls and outdoors is not recommended due to gradual erosion.
  • Epoxy and resin have been used to strengthen this type of stone and also to increase its gloss.
  • Using this type of stone in combination with a variety of lighter marbles (cream or white such as Dehbid Shayan ) creates a beautiful view.
  • This type of stone can be used as an interior facade stone in the space of stairs, lobbies and corridors, and in the next degree, flooring of interior spaces such as corridors.

Abadeh waveless marble

This stoneis good for interior spaces because of its reasonable price,reflection of light and its colors. Most of these stones are produced in 40 lengths or 40 length tiles.

Also, using strong detergents ( such as Vitex – Hydrochloric acid and acidic substances ) to clean this type of building stone is not recommended at all. It is better to polish the surface of this stone at least once every 4 years with a sanding machine.

Abadeh mine in Fars province in Iran has various sorts of stone that often have different colors and textures and are sold under different names (pink cream – wavy – waveless) in stone market.

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