Abbas Abad Waveless Travertine Stone – Sort 11

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20 millimeters

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$20 per 1 square meters

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Abbas abad waveless travertine stone -sort 11 is a very popular, beautiful, uniform model of Abbas abad travertine stones. This stone is neither fully uniform and nor have a very distinct streaks. It is a beautiful design between these two modes that generally appears in white. Very light cream and light brown streaks have given a special beauty to this stone. The main application of this stone is as a facade stone but it also used as a wall stone.

This stone facade is suitable for all tastes due to its beautiful colors and designs and is one of the most popular Abbasabad stones.

Application Of Abbasabad Waveless Travertine Stone

  • Facades of buildings with Roman and ordinary facade architectural style
  • Interior walls of stylish and luxurious spaces such as lobbies – restaurants – hotels

Some Advantages Of Using Abbas Abad Waveless Travertine Stone

  1. Beautiful appearance and glossy surface
  2. Resistant to environmental factors and weather conditions
  3. Very easy to clean
  4. Low weight compared to other stones such as marble and granite
  5. Very high adhesion due to its back surface full of pores



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