Agate Framed Stand

opacity Color

brown, light gray, orange, red

color_lens Color Palette
check_box_outline_blank Surface Finish


square_foot Size

25*10 cm

height Thickness

5 – 7 milimeters

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The Agate Framed Stand, as shown in the picture, is made of a cutting piece with a thickness of 5 to 7 mm of agate, the shape of which is the natural shape of the stone itself. The streaks and patterns on the surface of this beautiful stone are completely natural, and like any other agate, they pass the flow of light through their transparent crystals. In addition to its unique beauty, agate stone framed stand have many positive effects on the soul, mind, and body, which is the cure for many diseases and ills during religious teachings, lithology, and stone therapy. The vibrations of this stone dispel negative energy and lead the human psyche to peace and positive energy.

Agate Framed Stand Features

Due to the differences in the texture and streaks of stone, agate framed stand makes a special and luxurious decoration. You can use it in different dimensions in the form of table stands or framed wall art in your home decoration.

If used as a framed art on the wall, you can place the LED panels behind this product. It will create a beautiful effect of light and a unique design on the wall.

The price of this Agate Framed Stand varies depending on its dimensions.

Another product made of this type of stone is the Agate Table Clock, which you can click on that for more details.


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