Agate Stone Washbasin

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15*30*70 cm

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If you are looking for a unique and luxurious product that will bring positive energy from the heart of nature, we offer you an agate stone washbasin. This basin is made of a piece of agate stone with dimensions of 70 by 30 and a weight of 16.5 kg. As you can see in the picture, the basin has natural streaks and texture. Since the texture and streaks of the stone are unrepeatable and different, none of the washbasin models will be similar to each other, which has added to the uniqueness of this product.

As you know, some of the natural stones like agate stone have healing and therapy properties. This stone has its own special and positive properties in every shape and form, so placing agate stone in any place of the house will remove negative vibrations from there. In addition, leads the human soul to peace.

You can order this washbasin in the desired dimensions and shape. Its price will vary depending on your order.

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