Agate Table Clock

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8 milimeters

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This Agate Table Clock consists of a natural cut piece of Sabalan agate stone in which a small watch is inserted. This stone is standing on a wooden base. Agate is a very valuable stone with very amazing and unique benefits and properties. Placing this stone in the house causes the energy of this live stone to be spread in the space and bring peace and relief. Put the clock on this stone causes us to pay more attention to this agate stone and unwittingly enjoy its peace and energy.

Unique Agate Table Clock

None of the types of this product is the same as the other. And there is a difference in the texture of the streaks, color, size, and shape. For this reason, its price can vary up to 35% depending on the size offered.

Identify Original Agate Table Clock

Today, due to polymer technologies such as resin – epoxy and…, objects similar in appearance of agate stones can be made and offered instead, which is done by some profiteers. But agate is not only known by its appearance.

  1. The high hardness of agate is one way to identify it. To test the authenticity of agate, you can expose the stone directly to a hot flame because agate will not change its form and will not be harmed.
  2. Also, due to its degree of hardness, if it is drawn on glass, it will cast a line on it and act like a cutting diamond.

With these two tests, you can be sure that the agate is genuine.

To learn more about agate and its unique properties, read the agate article.



2 reviews for Agate Table Clock
  1. Lewis

    Fabulous !!

  2. Harry

    Not a good design for the watch!

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