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Dehbid Marble

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Arina stone fireplace is made of the best marble, dehbid shayan marble. Using Dehbid marble for this fireplace has given it a beautiful and luxurious look. Its beige and glossy color along with delicate engravings make it suitable for use in classic style decoration.

Arina stone fireplace is rectangular and has a relatively wide column base. There is a protrusion in the front part of the base of the column. In the upper part of it, stone pillar capital has been used, which is placed on a delicate base.

Appearance Of Arina stone fireplace

In the forehead of the fireplace, there is a prominent engraving with an asymmetrical design, which there are rectangular pieces on both sides with symmetrical engraving in the shape of a flower. The symmetry of geometric shapes can be seen in all parts of this fireplace.

At the edges of the fireplace mantel, a linear stone cornice is used, which gives the fireplace a beautiful look while being simple and elegant. 

Arina stone fireplace is available in SangeVazin store in dimensions of 130*160, and also can be ordered in any dimensions.


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  1. Janet

    Please post more photos in different directions of the fireplace.

    • مدیر


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