Atropat Stone Fireplace

opacity Color

Bone, Cream

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square_foot Size

140*110 cm

style Style

ancient, classic

view_carousel Stone Family

Dehbid Marble, marble

check_box_outline_blank Surface Finish


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Atropat stone fireplace is made of Dehbid Marble Stone in simple classic style. This stone fireplace consists of two columns in classic style that have pedestals at the bottom, fluted casing in the middle and a column head with stone pillar capital at the top. Attorpat fireplace is in bone cream color with almost uniform surface and very Pale natural streaks on the surface, which is preferred by most designers, architects and customers. Also, the polished and glossy surface of this fireplace made it much more beautiful and  very easy to maintain and clean.

This fireplace is engraved by Lathes for stone cornice and therefore has a more reasonable price than other types of hand-made fireplaces.

Some Specifications Of Atorpat stone fireplace

The surface and the inner frame of the fireplace are rectangular and the upper area of ​​the frame up to the bottom of the plate is made of Dehbid stone cornice. The standard height for this fireplace is 110 cm and its standard width is 140 cm, which can be customized according to your request.

How To Send And Install Atorpat stone fireplace

These fireplaces consist of stone cuts, linear stone cornice and stone brackets that are placed together in a special pallet and box and will be send this way. This box can also be moved by personal car. After that, the installer will do the installation process.

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