Azar Afrouz Stone Fireplace

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Azar Afrouz Stone Fireplace is made of Dehbid marble, which is one of the best marble stones. This fireplace is made in a simple classic style and does not have luxurious engravings. Therefore, it is suitable for houses that are a combination of simple and traditional classic styles. The cream color of this stone fireplace also makes it perfectly suitable for use in such a style.

Appearance Features Of Azar Afrouz Stone Fireplace

In describing the appearance of this fireplace, it can be said that curved lines are rarely seen in this type of fireplace. The general appearance of the fireplace is square and it has simple side columns and columns bases. At the top of the column, a dentil stone cornice is used, which has given much more beauty to the simple appearance of Azar Afrooz fireplace. The stone panel in the front part of the fireplace with a flower design engraving on it has an interesting match with the lower part of the column header. A simple linear stone cornice is used on The top of the fireplace forehead.

Azar Afrooz fireplace is available in width of 140 and a height of 120 cm.

All cuts and engravings on this beautiful fireplace have been done with precision and elegance with CNC stone lathes.


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