Azargol Stone Fireplace

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110 Centimeter

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harsin super marble, marble

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145*110 cm

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Azargol Stone Fireplace is a white stone fireplace in classic style. This fireplace is made of Hersin marble and is suitable for spaces with classical architecture and interior design. Azargol fireplace consists of two columns with stone pillar capital, from the bottom to the top of the fireplace. In the central and front part of the fireplace, above the window and the fire vent of it, there is a flower cornice in the form of a crown with all its elegance and beauty.

Specifications And Features Of Azargol Stone Fireplace

Azargol Stone Fireplace is made of Hersin Super marble in almost white color. The surface of this stone is polished and shiny, which has increased its beauty and also makes it easy to clean. The Dimensions of this fireplace is 145 in 110 cm. This fireplace is hand-made without the intervention of stone Lathe machines, which will double its value.

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