Azarshahr Silver Travertine

If you are looking for a stone with a dark silver and gray background, Azarshahr Silver Travertine is one of the best, most beautiful, and high-quality options. This stone, with its beautiful waves, have a good effect on the facade of the building.

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18 milimeters

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facade, wall cladding

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$7 per 1 square meters

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silver travertine - gray travertine

If you are looking for a facade stone with dark gray and silver background and Copper veins, “Azarshahr silver travertine” would be your choice. This stone with its unique color palette and beautiful waves, gives a beautiful facade to the building and it is a very good complement to the facade. This stone is mostly combined with light travertine stones. This type of travertine stone has a smoky black background with white and copper-gold streaks. Based on the direction of cutting, this stone has two types of wavy and no wave and it can create beautiful designs.

unique features of Persian (Iranian) Azarshahr Silver Travertine:

  • shiny and high transparency on the surface
  • Less porosity than its kind
  • high resistance
  • stable color exposed to sunlight
  • dark-colored travertines

 Another usage of this stone is using in building facades, walls of the stairs, Lobby wall stone, and Parking. These stones are processed in the form of guillotine and leather.

Features of Azarshahr Silver Travertine stones

  • This kind of stone is very accessible and has a very reasonable price. This stone is produced in Iran. Also, its production does not impose much cost on the consumer and buyer.
  • The outer surface of this stone is highly resistant to severe cold and will not cause cracks, crumbs, and falls.
  • The porosity of this stone will be a kind of sound and heat insulation.
  • It is very resistant to abrasion, discoloration, pallor, and fracture.
  • It has a beautiful appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look to the building.

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3 reviews for Azarshahr Silver Travertine
  1. Maser

    Very beautiful!

  2. Arham

    Can it be used to build a fountain?

    • سنگ وزین


  3. Lynn

    It has a special and beautiful color

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