Azna Crystal White Marble

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light gray, white

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40*40, 40*unlimit, 80*80, desired dimension, slab

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flooring, stairs, wall

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$27 per 1 square meters

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Azna Crystal White Marble is known as one of the highest quality and most expensive types of stones due to its uniform surface, the lowest amount of lines, and natural wavy textured among crystal marbles. Due to the lack of advanced mining and cutting technologies, these stones, like others, were presented in small sizes. But nowadays, the slab and longitudinal size of this product show another view of the beauty and capacity of crystal white marble. This stone can be used in the interior of the building as a wall, floor, and staircase. Other applications of this stone include its use as a cabinet countertop.

However, those who specialize in crystal marble insist that these stones can also be used outdoors (such as building facades ) and will replace travertine in the future. However, the problem of this stone is still the lack of proper adhesion as well as weathering and erosion in cold and hot weather conditions, and for this reason, this stone and marbles, in general, are often used indoors.

Features Of Azna Crystal White Marble

  • Azna Crystal White Marble, due to its oblique and longitudinal lines, is a good option to be executed in the form of book match slabs (the method of homogeneity of the book so that the lines of two large pieces of stone are symmetrical ) and four-match ( 4 pieces of slabs consisting of two book match on top of each other, so that the lines are symmetrical at the common sides ).
  • This stone generally gives a beautiful effect to the environment and decoration due to its high sub-susceptibility and high surface gloss.
  •  This stone can be used in the case of floors and walls of lobbies, corridors, stairs, and hotels, and commercial and residential complexes in the dimensions of slabs.
  • The price of these stones is calculated based on the amount of lighter lines of the stone as well as the thickness and dimensions and at the end of processing. In general, this stone has a very reasonable price for its unique features, which is why it is popular.
  • Azna Crystal Marble mines are located in Azna city of Lorestan province near Dorud city.


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