Darreh Bokhari Travertine

This type of travertine is mostly used in facades and walls of luxury and stylish buildings. In the next degree, it can be said that stairs, parking lots, lobby wall stones, etc. are used for walls. One of the characteristics of this type of stones is their beauty. These stones have a light cream and chocolate color.

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20 millimeters

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facade, wall cladding

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$20 per 1 square meters

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Application Of Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine

The most common use of this type of travertine is in the facades and interior walls of luxury buildings. It also can be used in stairs walls, parking lots, lobby wall stones, etc. This type of travertine is so beautiful and has white or light cream and chocolate colors with stylish waves and pages.

More Beauty And Efficiency

Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine is expensive, so it is mostly used in luxury and expensive buildings. In general, these stones have high abrasion resistance, high density of the stone due to its very good sub-susceptibility, high transparency, etc.

The buildings that used Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine are so unique and beautiful. This stone is mostly used in the interior and exterior of buildings. Darreh Bokhari is one of the relatively expensive types of travertine stones, but its grades one and two have a lower price.

Advantages Of Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine

  • This stone is produced in the country and export to other countries. Its preparation does not impose much cost on the consumer and buyer.
  • The outer surface of this stone is highly resistant to intense cold due to the processes performed on it and will not cracks, crumbs, and falls.
  • Porosity and so many cavities in the surface of this stone make it very suitable to be used as floor covering and corridors and reduce the possibility of slipperiness.
  • It is very resistant to abrasion, discoloration, and fracture and has a very high strength.
  • With its bright and almost white color, it has an elegant appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look to the building.

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