Eagle Stone Fireplace

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Bone, earthy, light gray

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150*115 cm

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ancient, classic

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Eagle stone fireplace consists of two columns on either side. A Baby Eagle is sitting at the base of each column. The general design of the column is like a large stone bracket (so-called stone pillar capital ). The angle of the columns relative to the fireplace is approximately 45 degrees to the outside, and the baby eagles look are towards the inside of the fireplace symmetrically to each other. The top of the columns is connected to the plate on the fireplace by beautiful column heads.

There is a Mother Eagle in the frontal part of the fireplace, raised wing position that creates a good sense of power, dominance, and superiority for the viewer.

The price of this fireplace may seem very high at first. the remarkable point is that all the carvings, engravings, and inlays of this fireplace are done by the hands of experienced artists, which after considering this matter and the difficulty of this art and profession, You will find its price very convenient.

Some Features Of The Eagle stone fireplace

This fireplace is made of travertine stone without sub and the surface of the stone has small natural holes due to the nature of travertine stone, which has given a special natural appearance to this product and has made it more beautiful.

The width of this fireplace is 150 cm, its height is 115 cm and, its color is light gray and earthy bone color.

How To Send And Install

These fireplaces consist of stone cuts, linear stone cornices, brackets, and stone engravings that are placed together and will be sent in a special pallet and box. This box can be moved by personal car. After that, the fireplace installer will perform the installation operation.

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  1. anjelina

    I dont like the color. But its design is very beautiful.

    • مدیر

      Thanks for your feedback

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