Golden Line Stone Clock

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Golden Line Stone  Clock, is made of Golden Line marble. Hands and indexes are plated, which adds to the strength and stability of the color. In addition to beauty, the Golden Line wall clock is a fully functional art product, and since the colors and streaks of the stone are unrepeatable, the dial case of these clocks are not similar to each other, and this will create a special and luxurious work of art.

Features Of Golden Line Stone Clock

  • The diameter of the stone plate is 30 cm, which is designed with great elegance and precision.
  • The dial case is made of natural marble stone with a polished and shiny surface.
  • The hands are available in two shapes, circle and rectangle. (Rectangular sample can be seen in the product gallery)
  • Inside the box of all clocks, there is a screw, wall plug, and battery.
2 reviews for Golden Line Stone Clock
  1. M.Jabbar

    Once hung, is the frame flush against the wall?

    • مدیر


  2. katy

    This stone clock gives a beautiful look to the house

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