Harsin Marble

square_foot Size

40*40, 40*unlimit, 50*50, 60*60

check_box_outline_blank Surface Finish


height Thickness

20 millimeters

done_outline Usage

flooring, wall cladding

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$11 per 1 square meters

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Harsin Marble, grade 1

Premium Hersin stone on the stairs

Harsin Marble is one of the most popular stones in the construction industry. After many years, it is still used in the interior facades of the building ( staircase, building floor, building body, building floor, parking lot, etc.).

This stone is available in cream, light cream, beige cream, and light bone colors and has wonderful beauty and radiance. Harsin marble has a higher surface finish and glossy than other stones. Its mine is located in Kermanshah and is exported to countries such as Italy, China, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf states.

 Features Of Harsin Marble

  • This stone will make the space beautiful due to its uniform surface and stylish color.
  • It has a high glossy surface and polished.
  • It has relatively good compressive strength and does not break easily.
  • It is very easy to clean. Its maintenance will depend on how you use it. In cases where the surface becomes cloudy, the surface can be scratched with a sanding machine like the first day without scratches.

Harsin Marble Selection Indicators

  1. Type of stone
  2. The dimensions of the stone
  3. Accurate sorting and minimal play of stone diameter colors
  4. Stone’s surface and back processing
  5.  Stone’s surface finish
  6. No fractures on the stone surface
  7. Packing and sending stones

 The price of Harsin Marble

The price of Harsin Marble grade one depends on several factors such as design, dimensions, thickness, sorting, and quality of stone processing. In general, marble is classified into premium, super first, and second grade.

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