Iraji marble

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Cream, nescafe color

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flooring, wall

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$11 per 1 square meters

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Iraji marble has been one of the oldest and most common stones in construction from the past to the present. This stone has a cream color theme in two general wavy designs (brown lines) and cotton flowers in light cream color and is distinct from the background. In Iraji marble, the lighter the color of the stone and the fewer cream-colored spots (cotton flowers) in it, the higher the price will be. The price difference between the best sort of Iraji marble and the weakest one is about 35% of the total price.

Iraji marble, like other marbles, is suitable for use in walls and floors of interiors. The price of this stone is much more suitable than other marbles such as Dehbid stone or Harsin stone because of its slightly darker color, non-uniformity of design, and the presence of light spots in the stone. In addition to the above, this stone can be used as a stepping stone.


  • check Excellent surface finish and glossy surface
  • check reasonable price
  • check warm color

Weak points

  • close bright cotton flowers and distinct from the background
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