Josheqan Marble

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40*40, 40*unlimit

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height Thickness

20 millimeters

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flooring, wall

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$10 per 1 square meters

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Josheqan Marble has a bright color with pink & peachy streaks. You can buy various degrees of this type in SangeVazin online shop.

Josheqan marble stone quarry with monthly extraction of about 2000 tons and storage of about 100 thousand tons is located in Isfahan province, Joshqan city.

Some Features Of Josheqan Marble

  • high water absorption (due to its calcareous nature)
  • the presence of a white background with fine black lines and grains.
  • The texture of this stone is not as uniform as other marbles like Dehbid. But in most parts, it has a uniform design.

Marble is used for interior walls of buildings, stairs and elevators, and wall facades. This stone is used more in mass production projects than other stones due to its cheap and reasonable price.
Note that this stone wears out and loses its beauty if used outdoors. Also, strong and acidic detergents such as Vitex and salt ink

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