Takab Waveless Travertine

Takab waveless travertine stone is one of the preferred stones that is mostly used in building facades, especially in Roman facades. Its color is creamy and white and its material can be considered almost uniform.

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20 millimeters

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facade, wall cladding

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$9 per 1 square meters

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Takab waveless travertine is one of the privileged stones that  mostly used in building facades, especially in Roman facades.This stone is offered in different qualities, which this one is an example of the excellent sorts of this stone.

Here are some of the most important specifications of this stone :

  • Its color is cream and white and its material can be considered almost uniform.
  • In good degrees of this type of stones, small pores can be seen. 
  • This stone is very similar to Hajiabad travertine stone.
  • At lower degrees of this stones, larger holes (more porosity) can be seen.

Features Of Takab Waveless Travertine

TravertineTakab waveless travertine is a type of porous limestone that can be considered as a sedimentary and decorative stones. The cavities on this type of rock, which are left over from hot water sediments, are the source of sedimentation, Because it is occupied by gases in hot water. 

The fewer elements and substances in the water of the sediment sources, the lighter the color of the rock can be. This stone can have various sorts and can be chocolate to bone white color.

Takab waveless travertine with a combination of white and yellow can be used as a building facade stone . This type of travertine stone is also used as a complementary stone in the facade of the building as a strip.
Takab travertine is offered in two forms: super, first and second class.

Advantages Of Takab Waveless Travertine Stone:

  • Travertine is very available and has reasonably priced due to the abundance of mines inside country.
  • The outer surface of this stone is highly resistant to severe cold due to the holes being covered with resin materials and will not cause cracks, crumbs and falls.
  • Due to the pores in the internal tissues, it is considered heat and sound insulation.
  • It is resistant to abrasion, discoloration, paleness and fracture due to surface processing.
  • Due to its light weight compared to other stones, it is very suitable for reducing the weight of the building.
  • It has a very beautiful appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look to the building (used as a building facade stone).

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