Stone Slab

Stone Slab is kind of large cut of stones that has a greater thickness and dimensions than common stones for use in facades, walls, floors and stairs.This type of stone cut has different types and models and has a very beautiful display with its natural and beautiful streaks. This large one-piece stone has a relatively complex processing due to its large size and requires special cutting machines, which is why its expensive.

In the gallery below, some of the available stones are listed based on the type of stone that you can view and order.

Onyx slabs

Marble Slabs

Crystal Slabs

Travertine Stone Slab

What Are The Dimensions Of Stone Slab?

This stone’s dimensions are more than 120 x 220 cm . After the stones are taken out of the mine, they are taken to stone cutting places.In factories , stones would be cut in various dimensions and sizes. 

Due to its export potential, the production and presentation of stones slabs stones is so important. stones slab Cuts should cause excellent surface finish, high transparency and a precise thickness . Also, the cut must be uniform and very precise.

Slab stones Applications

Slabs on the wall

The applications of this large one-piece stone can be considered in the interior facade and walls of common spaces and in the center of public view, such as lobbies of residential and office complexes and hotels, restaurants, service counters in companies, and stylish medical centers.

Slabs on the floor

Slabs can also be used in the floor of the interior of the building, floors of stylish hotels and restaurants, corridors of shopping centers and such places.

Slabs on the cabinet surface

As you know, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home and special attention should be paid to its decoration. One of the applications of slabs is their use on the surface or top of kitchen cabinets. The use of slab stones is more demanding than MDF and Korin due to their durability, strength, beauty, and especially naturalness.

In modern slab processing methods, the strength of the stone has increased compared to the older methods and the life of the stone has increased, which means that you do not need to change the cabinet surface for a long time. Another advantage of using slab stone on the cabinet surface is its very low water absorption and high polish. On the other hand, due to the variety of designs and colors, you can easily choose the stone you want and enjoy the surface of your stone cabinet.

book-match and four-match slab

Also, the use of these stones in the form of horizontal symmetry with two slabs (book-match) and vertical horizontal symmetry with 4 slabs (four-match) is common due to creating a very beautiful effect that can be used on both floors and walls. In the gallery below, you can see some examples of book-match and four-match.

Advantages Of This Stone For Use In Buildings


Slab stone is one of the best and most durable stones for interior, wall and floor due to its integrated structure without cutting and the natural design and color of the constituent layers.

Variety Of Colors And Designs

This stone has a great variety in beauty and color. In order to present slab stones to the market, no artificial color is used in it and the cutting of this stone is done with the same shape and natural appearance.


Another feature of the slab is its durability and long life. Apart from the fact that these stones have standard abrasion and flexural resistance for use on the floor or wall, if for any reason a line or scratch falls on it or becomes dull over time, they will become like the first day with a sub-machine.

Transporting Stone Slab

Due to the high cost of production, large size, and low thickness, transporting slab stones is very important.
If you do not follow the safety tips, it will destroy the stone and cause financial losses.

There are many ways to move slab stones, but the best option is to load and move the slabs by crane in pallets and wooden stands.

Metal stands will also be used to export and move slab stones to American and European countries.

metal stand for stone slab
metal stand for loading stone slab
stone slab and metal stand

Stone Slab Price

Because this stone has relatively difficult production stages and is a natural stone, the price of this stone is very high compared to others. The cost of buying and installing this stone is high, and this has made it possible for only a limited number of people to buy this stone and install it in places with excellent visibility in the building.

Currently (August 2020) the price of this stone on SangeVazin is between 25 to 30$ per square meter. Chinese stones have the lowest price range and imported marbles have the highest price range.

Various Types And Models Of Slabs

Slabs can be made from all stones such as onyx marble, marble, travertine, and granite.

Granite slabs

The main feature of the granite slab is its very high strength. Of course, its uniform design calls into question its use as a slab, except on the floor of the elevator. Because it has high abrasion and flexural strength and looks beautiful in a small space.

Onyx slabs

This stone is the most expensive type of building slab stone and is unrivaled with its dazzling beauty and the ability of light to pass through its transparent texture. It can be used on floors and walls.

Travertine slab

This stone has a warm nature. With features such as lower weight, higher adhesion and often wavy designs where the traditional effect is seen. Slab travertine is mostly used in walls and interior facades.

Marble slabs

The most common slabs are Marble slabs. Various colors and designs along with standard strength and reasonable price are the features of marble slabs, which is the reason for the common use of this stone in floors and walls.

It should be noted that to produce stone slabs, it is necessary to use new and up-to-date machines.
To produce this type of stone, it is necessary to use healthy raw stones with high dimensions. This type of stone is called a stone block. It will cost about twice as much to process slabs from raw stone. This stone also has a higher price compared to longitudinal stones and the reason is the high cost of processing compared to other stones. Slabs can be made from all stones, such as marble, travertine, and granite.

Backlit Slab Stone

Lighting With Beautiful Stone Slabs

In marble slabs and some other stones, due to the passage of light through the layers, using light under this stone creates a very beautiful effect. For this reason, it has become one of the common methods of decoration and beautification by stone, and this method can be seen in most of the works.

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