Granite Stone

Granite stone is one of the common types of stone as building materials. the usage of this beautiful stone is in floor, wall cladding and stairs. this stone was used as facade before but with probing the disadvantages of it’s usages as facade it deprecated. you can see more in the bottom of page.

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Granite is a beautiful stone with a wide variety of colors and uniform textures on its surface. this stone has a good resistance and is suitable for indoor flooring, stairs, and wall cladding.

Advantages of granite stone

Good resistance

Granite is very hard and is a symbol of hardness. the surface of this stone has a good resistance against scratch, heat, acidic materials;

Granite mines in Iran

Iran is one of the rich countries in terms of the number of mines and the variety of granite. the mines are in provinces and cities like Hamedan, Mashhad, Gilan, Nehbandan, Natanz, Yazd, Zanjan, Toos and etc.

Price of travertine stone

due to the hardness of this stone, the cutting and processing would be more expensive than other stone types like travertine and marble. the Iranian granite stones price range is between $3 to $8.


Disadvantages of granite stone

Despite the advantages of granite, this stone also has some disadvantages that should be considered. 


Rusty possibility

this stone has iron inside it’s material combination. if granite be in humid conditions its iron with oxide and the rusty effects would appear on surface.

x-ray radiation

there is radiation of radioactive materials in some sort of this stone. so it prohibited to use inside laboratories and hospitals.

high weight and low stickiness

these two features cause to avoid engineers to use it as facade. also using it indoor cause to increase the whole weight of building.

Not insulated for heat and sound

this stone unlike to travertine has no holes inside and is not insulated for heat and noise.