Parma Stone Fireplace

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Bone, Cream

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140*110 cm

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Dehbid Marble, marble

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Parma stone fireplace is a simple and beautiful fireplace that has two columns in Mouse tooth brackets style. It is made of dehbid stone in bone cream color. the columns on both sides carry the beautiful one-piece crown of the fireplace. this crown consists of a simple and stylish stone cornice, vertical fluted casing under the edge of the top plate and the top stone plate.

This fireplace occupies very little spaces so it can be used in small houses. because of its classic style, the Parma stone fireplace is compatible with so many themes in different houses. These properties make this fireplace one of our popular products.

Ceiling Cornice Stone connects the front and main band of the fireplace to the panel Roman-style, which reminds the Roman architectural style of ancient Roman buildings.

Features Of Parma Stone Fireplace

The standard width for this fireplace is 140 cm and its standard height is 110 cm. Parma stone fireplace is made of our country’s highly qualified marble in bone cream or bone yellow color with uniform design. Its shiny sub and polished surface makes this fireplace so special and beautiful.

How To Transport, Send And Install

This fireplace consists of stone cuts, stone cornices, and stone pieces that can be placed in a box and send to custom destinations. This kind of transportation process would be so easy and these boxes can also be carry in personal cars. Then the installer technician will perform the installation operation, which takes about a day.


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