Travertine Stone

nowadays Travertine stone has become one of the best choices for using in buildings as frontage and wall cladding. Read more about travertine stone in the bottom of page.

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nowadays Travertine stone has became one of the best choices for using in buildings as frontage and wall surface. Read more about it in the bottom if page.

About types and price of travertine read the topics:
Travertine is one of the limestone stone type. This beautiful stone is used as facades and wall cladding and flooring of buildings.this stone has a large variety in mines and types in iran. Teravertine of abbasabad is one of the best types of stones in iran. In terms of direction of cutting the stone copes, Travertine is divided by two types: wavy and no wave.

Both calcite and aragonite (the travertine materials) are found in hot spring travertines; aragonite is preferentially precipitated when temperatures are hot, while calcite dominates when temperatures are cooler. When pure and fine, travertine is white, but often it is brown to yellow due to impurities.

travertine has been used as building material for many years. but with the help of development of stone industry and improvement of tools and machines in recent years , many processes have been done in travertine stone, like filling the surface holes by resin and polishing the surface and make it very shiny and beautiful. with these two processes the main disadvantages of travertine vanished and replaced with advantages. so the price and popularity of this building material grew up.

It can also comes in a variety of colors from grey to coral-red. Travertine is most commonly available in tile and linear sizes for facades and floor installations.

Usages of Travertine stone in building

although the travertine mines and types have a wide variety in Iran, the processes operated on travertine playing the main role of it’s usage in the future. for example Travertine stones could have various thickness based on cuttings. each usages of travertine in wall cladding or facades or stairs and floor needs their standard thickness. for example the thickness for stairs should be about 3 centimeters and for facades it should be between 1.6 to 1.8 of thickness. this stone dislike to most other types of stone can be used indoor and outdoor.

Disadvantages of travertine stone

  • low resistance to acidic conditions
  • possibility of breaking in very cold climate(it has been proved by covering the hole of surface by resin)
  • none uniformed textures in some sorts.

Advantages of travertine stone

  • very beautiful interface with variety of colors and textures
  • Good resistance against very cold heats and hot climates and hard environment.
  • Good isolation for heat and sound because of holes inside.
  • anti slip for flooring because of pitted holes and troughs in its surface.

Pric of Travertine

price of travertine stone depends on the below items:

  • color of travertine. the lighter, the more expensive
  • veins of travertine with very different and opposite color, the less streaky, the more expensive
  • the cutting sizes. the larger width and length, the more expensive
  • the processes have been done on travertine. Good finish with shiny surface and filling the pitted holes and troughs in its surface increase the price.

the range of iran travertine is between 3$ to 20$ depends on the stone mine and sort.

any types of iran travertine has exported from mines of Abbasabad, Haji abad, Azar shahr, Kashan, Darre bokhari and so on