Linear Stone Cornice

linear stone cornice built from a variety of stones, with CNC machines with AutoCAD computer maps are implemented and are often used in building facades.

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Linear Stone Cornice, is made of marbletravertine stone produced by CNC machines with AutoCAD computer maps. In the gallery, you can see some ready-made models. These Stone Cornices can be produced in different colors from white to creambone colorlight and dark graybrown, etc; depending on the selected stone.

Linear stone cornices do not have a specific price and design. Because this product must be prepared and produced based on the orders. The material, design, and thickness of the stone must be provided by the architect with a detailed plan and size. After calculating the price, the experts provide it as an accurate pre-invoice and after approval, it will be produced.

Usage of linear stone cornice

   These decorative products are used in the following cases in the building:

    • Facades of buildings, especially Roman-style facades
    • Entrance door frame – elevator door etc.
    • Stone band cornice in the middle of the wall to separate the bottom part of the wall from the top part
    • Frames for stone inscriptions and stone paintings
    • Mirror stone frame
    • Stone fireplaces


How to produce linear stone cornice

Stone cornices are produced by CNC machines in different ways. In one of the most common production methods, square or rectangular cylindrical cuts of stones are usually placed on the CNC machine parallel to each other. Then the CNC drills start cutting the stones parallel and simultaneously from one end of the stones, which will take time depending on the design and thickness given to the machine.

How to determine the price of linear stone tools

The price of linear Stone Cornice per meter depends on the following factors:

  • The type of stone
  • Cornice thickness
  • Height or width
  • design
  • Order quantity

After determining the above, the price is calculated.

In the photos below, you can see an example of how to order linear Stone Cornice for Roman-style building facades. In the presented map, all the details with exact design and size are mentioned, some of which can be seen in the form of the following images.

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